I am very passionate about teaching and I've been involved with a wide variety of pre-honours, junior honours, senior honours and master courses. In 2021 I was nominated for two university-wide teaching awards (Best Graduate Teaching Assistant and Best Practice in Inclusive Education). I have also been a mentor for the Glasgow Women in Philosophy Mentoring Programme.

This is what students have said about my classes and seminars:

I was very happy I got to choose my tutor this year. I had Dario as my tutor in first year and he was amazing. So friendly and very helpful, so I opted to be in his class again for this semester! He really engages with the students and it's clear he genuinely cares about us doing well in the course, and our wellbeing in general. He's brilliant at explaining things and makes the classes fun, any issues I've had with the course he's always taken the time to help me. Dario's the most supportive tutor/lecturer I've had through my whole University experience so far, I couldn't fault him in any way. (Student testimonial, second year philosophy course)

I can genuinely say Dario is the best tutor I have had so far at university. Zoom seminars can be very intense, but I really felt very comfortable in Dario's - it felt like he genuinely cared about how we were coping with the material, and wanted to make sure we all had the support we need. I felt he really explained complex areas of the course well, and the handouts provided were very helpful for pointing us in the right direction. (Student testimonial, Junior Honours Epistemology)

I thought Dario created a very warm and inviting atmosphere, and really enjoyed the way he explained and interacted with all of us. Overall, it's be best tutorial I've had due to how welcoming it feels and open to discussion. (Student testimonial, Senior Honours Epistemology)

Dario's lectures were incredibly engaging. He made the course material interesting and relevant to everyday lives without straying from what was important in the syllabus. Dario made an extreme effort to upload lectures to students' preferences and was open to feedback on his teaching style. He is a lecturer that clearly cares about hs students and wants us to understand and enjoy the course materials. His lectures are fun and make you want to understand it all. The lecture notes he provided were comprehensive and act as a brilliant revision tool. (Student testimonial, Senior Honours Philosophy of Law)

I am more than happy to share my syllabi on philosophy of law, philosophy of science, legal epistemology and general epistemology; get in touch if you're interested, I genuinely welcome the opportunity to discuss any teaching-related matter!